Greatspace consists of seven planets that revolve around a central yellow sun, known as Lanth. Greatspace as a whole is a very intellectually aware culture and, in general most people are aware that they live upon a single planet in a much larger solar system.

The people of Greatspace are an intellectual lot. They are prone to believe in the ways of science before magic. Legends and mystical tales of times past hold little importantance for the Citizens. But suprisingly, the people of Greatspace hold a strong reverence for the gods, whom they do not consider to be legendary.

Citizens hold the gods and goddesses of the Greek pantheon to be important. These intellectual, aesthetically inclined beings are so much like their mortal followers that one wonders if the Citizens did not somehow create these gods for their own purposes. It is believed that Zeus himself created Greatspace when he grew tired of the petty actions of his mortal followers in some other sphere. Because of their extreme reverence for Zeus, only citizens of noble birth are permitted to become clerics of Zeus. They are considered to be the most special of all mortals and are afforded great privileges in their lives.
As a whole, the Citizens are aligned away from evil. In fact, very few people living in Greatspace are evil. Those who are evil are shunned and hated. As a result, the gods and goddesses of the Greek pantheon who are evil are not openly worshipped. SJA3

Places of note

This is closest to the sun and is uninhabited due to the extreme temperatures found on its surface. At the perigee of its orbit, the surface of Karrington soars to as high as 600 degrees. It is a lifeless, waterless, featureless void with a thin, barely present atmosphere.

The surface of Skora is dominated by violent, destructive storms in a poisonous methane atmosphere. There is on civilization on this planet. There is however, rumors of a wizard known as Klemen who has magically prepared a place on Skora as his home.

Thesalys is a beautiful planet. It has a wide varitey of climate and geography. There are many unique cultures living on Thesalys; so many, in fact, that seperate volumes could easily be dedicated to the array of life styles found on Greatspace’s “capital”.

Although Greatspace is a single goverment, it is less structured than many typical goverments simply due to the vast distances between planets and the differences of the many cultures found there. In general, the planet is divided into five seperate major goverments, each peacefully vying for political supremacy on Thesalys. To date, House Shambrath is the most dominant and has been so for several centuries. House Shambrath’s rule is not resented and is considered benefical.

Lagor’s World
Named for the ancient sage and astronomer Lagor, who discovered the planet some 850 years ago. Lagor’s World is a densely populated, very civilized world. Some 50 different human cultures live on the planet, with small mixtures of demi-humans, mostly gnome and halfling.

The climate and geography on Lagor’s World is similar to Thesalys, if not just slightly cooler.

This is another planet discovered by Lagor some nine centuries ago. Longpoint is not inhabited. The giant planet is ravaged by violent sesmic and volcanic activity, eliminating the possibility of civilization.

This place is the most stunningly beautiful of all the planets of Greatspace. Hecht is a mountainous, wild planet with the sparsest population of any of the Greatspace worlds. The inhabitants of Hecht tend to live in small communities that are isolated from other people. They have a tremendous respect for the land they live on and treat it accordingly. Rangers and Druids are held in high regard by Hechtians.

The people themselves are a wonder. Humans and elves are the only sentient races found on Hecht. Both males and females on Hecht are blessed with striking physical beauty, and an ugly child has never been born there.

The most distant planet from Greatspace’s sun is a barren, almost lifeless void. Artic storms of epic proportions tear across Boran’s frozen surface ravaging everything in their paths.


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